Commercial Power Management


Powerguard's CPM range of products was designed to service the broader commercial arena where insufficient supply as well as expensive peak demand needs to be addressed.

A commercial entity such as for example, a hotel or conference centre might be largely unused. When full however, the demand peaks and the entire rates bill is affected, by maybe only one peak.

Design Criteria:

  • Components as well as installation have to be cost effective.
  • Adjustments and programming for non computer literate installers.
  • High build and component quality.
commercial power management

The Powerguard 3PC is no longer in production having been superseded by the CPM-3PC Mark Two, which is featured
in the Product Gallery.


  • 0 - 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Amps per phase ranges available.
  • Controls peak demands by shedding selected loads according to a random algorithm.
  • Displays 3 currents in a three phase installation.
  • Displays the set target current or KVA at which shedding commences.
  • Can shed phase with highest load first to assist in balancing the installation.
  • Displays shedding instructions as well as relevant phase being shed.
  • Simple timer introduction can power up / down installations to avoid overnight cumulative peaks.
  • All receivers off after power outage resulting in greatly reduced cold pick-up load.
  • All receivers have built in random generator to restore power gradually.
  • All receivers connected by low voltage parallel two-core cable, polarity insensitive , short-circuit proof.
  • Two-core controls signal is phase conscious and only addresses applicable units.
  • Protects loads against over voltage
  • Protects loads against under voltage.
  • Cost effective remote logging.


An installation comprises a power supply unit that plugs into a standard 3 phase outlet, a control unit that connects to three current transformers and as many receivers as is necessary to serve the loads identified to be controlled.

The controller connects to all receivers in parallel and for single phase load applications, will only address receivers connected to the transgressing phase. There is no limit to the number of receivers connected to a controller. Receivers can also be added or removed at any time without the need to interrupt power to the controller or signal to existing receivers.