PowerGuard CPM16-30

CPM 16-30

PowerGuard’s CPM16-30 is a 16-channel demand regulator with 30 Amp switching capacity per channel. The unit was developed primarily to reduce costs on demand sensitive electricity bills but can also be installed for customers who do not have enough power.

Shed requests are received via a polarity insensitive low voltage short circuit proof signal generated by the PowerGuard CPM-3PC or CPM-3PC Mk 2.

Various algorithms can be selected to optimise the control of air conditioners, geysers and boiler elements thereby making intervention seamless in most installations.

An over-voltage feature protects all affected loads by disconnecting them during damaging high voltage situations.

Progressive load restoration assists with ‘’cold pick up’’ situations following supply interruptions.

All control criteria are switch programmable in order to avoid the need for laptops or specialised software.

LEDs indicate shed status as well as processor heart beat, control signal presence, over- voltage and supply activity. This certified unit is designed and manufactured in South Africa.