PowerGuard CPM-3PC Mk 2

The PowerGuard CPM-3PC Mk 2 is a maximum demand controller designed to control loads where either not enough power is available or where kVA needs to be reduced in order to save on electricity bills. Design criteria called for ease of installation and high build integrity. This is a certified South African designed and manufactured product.

This single enclosure houses power supplies, communication modem, display, control selection as well as all the required external connector terminals.


Load information is accessed from standard current transformer outputs covering the point of entry serving the area to be controlled.


Current or kVA based control can be selected to regulate demand. For customers with insufficient supply, current based phase selective sheds ensure that only the transgressing overloaded phase responds to shed signals. The number of shed signals per half hour are recorded to assist with fine tuning shed levels while line current graphs aid with phase balancing.


All the variables associated with creating a shed instruction can be set up either on rotary numerical switches or slide selector switches. This also enables all shed criteria to be viewed without the need for laptops or specialised software.


An on board LCD display shows the real time line currents and total kVA. LEDs indicate processor heartbeat, phase conscious shed requests, line quality of shed signals and total shed demand